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Autumn Wildfire Set UP Research on ‘Smoke Taint’ in Wine

Santa Rosa, Calif., (April 12, 2018) – With the value of wine riding on a delicate balance of aroma and flavor, the impact of winegrapes’ exposure to smoke from a wildfire could have significant economic consequences. Last fall’s Northern California wildfires sent smoke wafting over an experimental vineyard in Napa Valley, giving scientists the opportunity to study the interplay of …

Behind The Scenes

Santa Rosa, Calif., (February 28, 2018) – Everyone remembers those dreaded days of the firestorm of October, 2017. All of the brave, determined firefighters from so many places, Law Enforcement that came to help keep things safe, Army National Guard, Santa Rosa Police Department and last but not least, the Sonoma County Sheriff’s Office. The Sonoma County Sheriff’s Office, SCSO, …

California Fire Damage To Homes Is Less ‘Random’ Than It Seems

Oakland, Calif., (December 15, 2017) – In the midst of the many wildfire emergencies that have faced California this year, it can often seem that the way houses burn, or don’t, is random. The thing is, though, it’s not. Firefighters and researchers alike have a pretty solid understanding of why some houses are more vulnerable to wildfire than others. The …

Ag Workers Impacted By Fire Receive Housing Support

Santa Rosa, Calif., (December 6, 2017) – More than 150 agricultural workers and their families from Sonoma County who were displaced by the fires in October will begin receiving a much needed helping hand today from a housing recovery fund recently established by the Sonoma County Grape Growers Foundation and the Sonoma County Farm Bureau. Beginning today, more than $430,000 …

Agriculture’s Response in a Crisis

Santa Rosa, Calif., (November 30, 2017) – Monday, October 9th marked the beginning of the worst firestorm in California history. As parts of Sonoma County were devastated by wildfires, our agriculture community stepped up to protect livestock and property. There are many accounts of this, including SCFB board members Doug and Jennifer Beretta moving cattle from Sonoma Mountain to Farm …

Sonoma County Agriculture Community Shows Strength and Resilience Following North Bay Wildfires

Santa Rosa, Calif., (November 29, 2017) – On October 9th, Sonoma County woke up to a natural disaster no one expected. Over the next week, more than 100,000 acres burned in Sonoma County and neighboring counties were also battling wildfires. During this time, fires in the North Bay burned an area larger than New York City. Despite the devastation our …

Wildfire Recovery Resources Listed on CDFA Web Page

Sacramento, Calif., (October 26, 2017) – With thousands of Californians suffering devastating losses due to recent wildfires, CDFA is offering a web page with resources for recovery. Included is a program from the California Employment Development Department (EDD) for individual assistance to those who have lost their jobs during the fires, in Butte, Lake, Mendocino, Napa, Nevada, Orange, Sonoma and Yuba counties. This …

Lessons to be Learned From Northern California Fires

  Lakeport, Calif., (October 26, 2017) – It’s Deja Vu all over again 
- Yogi Berra   Once again I’m asked to provide some perspective on yet another catastrophic situation affecting the North Coast. In 2015, it was the Valley Fire. In 2016, it was the Clayton Fire. This year there are so many fires I’m having difficulty recalling their …

Sonoma County Grape Growers Foundation Establishes Housing Support for Ag Workers Displaced by Fires

Santa Rosa, Calif., (October 23, 2017) – With firefighters gaining control of fires throughout Sonoma County, the Grape Growers Foundation (SCGGF) announced today it is partnering with the Sonoma County Farm Bureau to establish a housing recovery fund for ag workers and their families who were displaced from their homes by last week’s devastating fires. The fund will serve to …

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