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Native Wildflowers Bank on Seeds Underground to Endure Drought

Davis, Calif., (March 8, 2018) – Native wildflowers were surprisingly resilient during California’s most recent drought, even more so than exotic grasses. But signs of their resilience were not evident with showy blooms aboveground. Rather, they were found mostly underground, hidden in the seed bank, according to a study from the University of California, Davis. For the study, published March …

Never Ending Drought – News from UCANR

Sacramento, Calif., (February 15, 2018) – Warm and sunny winter days are no cause for celebration among the farmers, ranchers and forest managers who rely on UC Agriculture and Natural Resources’ research-based information and expertise to make their work more profitable. Such is the feeling shared by UC Cooperative Extension advisor Dan Macon in his Foothill Agrarian blog. He began worrying more than a month ago …

UC Launches Drought Video Series Feb. 2

Oakland, Calif., (February 8, 2018) – Because periodic droughts will always be a part of life in California, the UC California Institute for Water Resources (CIWR) produced a series of videos to maintain drought awareness and planning, even in years when water is more abundant. The first of the three videos premieres Feb. 2 on the UCTV Sustainable California channel. Subsequent videos will …

$1.7 Million for Climate-Resilient Agricultural Research

Davis, Calif., (December 6, 2017) – The Foundation for Food and Agriculture Research has awarded more than $1.7 million to University of California, Davis, researchers to identify genes responsible for drought tolerance in rice and test a new energy-efficient food-drying process. Drought-resistant rice – A $1 million Seeding Solutions grant will go to a project to study the genetics of …

Difference in Irrigating Sorghum vs Corn Feed Crops

Difference in Irrigating Sorghum vs Corn Feed Crops

Although we received a lot more rain this year, the threat of drought is not over for California agriculture, and dairy producers are considering sorghum as alternative feed crop to corn. There is a difference in nutritional value that will need to be addressed in the feed mixture; however, irrigation needs are much different from corn as well, and drought-tolerance …

Future Water Leaders Soak Up Irrigation Information

Sorghum in Drought Conditions

Sacramento, Calif., (June 26, 2017) – University of California students are taking a long journey through California to trace the state’s complicated and critical water supply. The recent graduates and upper-division co-eds from UC Merced, UC Santa Cruz, UC Berkeley and UC Davis are part of the UC Water Academy, a course that combines online training with a two-week field …

California Farms are Thirsty and in Danger

Irvine, Calif., (June 23, 2017) – For generations now, California farmers have fed America and the world. As a third-generation California farmer, my family is proud of the produce we have helped put on the table. But that legacy of plenty could be in jeopardy for the next generation. A new UC Berkeley report commissioned by the Southern California Water …

Statement on End of California Drought

Sacramento, Calif., (April 12, 2017) – The Governor declared an end to California’s drought and his administration issued plans to permanently entrench many of the drought restrictions and water use efficiency requirements it brought about. “California farmers work every day to make the most out of every drop.  While total agricultural water use in California has remained relatively constant over …

Impressions of a Vast, Dry Continent – Climate Smart Agriculture Mission To Australia

Sacramento, Calif., (March 29, 2017) – New South Wales: On this day we left Canberra at 7am and traveled south and west to what is known as “irrigation country.” The scenery reminds me of a drive from Sacramento to Ione (Amador County). Our stops included a visit with representatives of Coleambally Irrigation, a farmer-owned co-op. The district encompasses 491 irrigated farms …

CA Suffers Emergency Drought & Flood Conditions Simultaneously

CA Suffers Emergency Drought & Flood Conditions Simultaneously

For the first time in recorded history, California is suffering from both an emergency state of drought and flood simultaneously. Watch this video interview with California Ag Network and Aubrey Bettencourt from the California Water Alliance as she describes the current water crisis at hand.

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