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UC Estimates Costs And Returns For Growing Garbanzo Beans

Sacramento, Calif., (March 15, 2018) – The UC Agriculture and Natural Resources’ Agricultural Issues Center has released two new studies on the estimated costs and returns of producing garbanzo beans, also known as chick peas, in the Sacramento and San Joaquin Valleys. “Although acreage is relatively small, garbanzos are an important crop because California growers produce the large, cream-colored seed …

Good News For Hedgerows: No Effects On Food Safety In The Field

Davis, Calif., (February 23, 2018) – Hedgerows enhance wildlife abundance and diversity around farmland without contributing to food safety problems in field crops, according to a new study published by a team of University of California researchers. The UC Agriculture and Natural Resources and UC Davis study documented that field edge plantings around farms are generally too narrow relative to …

UC Launches Drought Video Series Feb. 2

Oakland, Calif., (February 8, 2018) – Because periodic droughts will always be a part of life in California, the UC California Institute for Water Resources (CIWR) produced a series of videos to maintain drought awareness and planning, even in years when water is more abundant. The first of the three videos premieres Feb. 2 on the UCTV Sustainable California channel. Subsequent videos will …

Cultivating Students & Garbanzo Beans at Reedley College

Now is the time of year Central Valley growers are planting field crops like garbanzo beans.  Professor at Reedley college Tim Smith wanted to teach this first-hand to his plant science students at the community college. Students filed out of the classroom and into the on-campus farm to really learn how it is done, and participate in the process.  Students …

How Farms can Donate Fresh Food for Tax Deductions

Charitable Contributions for Farmers It is common for businesses to receive tax deductions for cash donations, but did you know that the agriculture community can donate fresh foods for a similar benefit? California farmers and agriculture businesses have the opportunity to donate fresh fruits and vegetables in return for some pretty hefty tax breaks. How much is the deduction?  In …

Genome of Wheat Ancestor Sequenced

Davis, Calif., (November 17, 2017) – Sequencing the bread wheat genome has long been considered an almost insurmountable task, due to its enormous size and complexity. Yet it is vitally important for the global food supply, providing more than 20 percent of the calories and 23 percent of the protein consumed by humans. Now, an international team of scientists led …

Medfly Infestation Triggers Quarantine In Portion Of Los Angeles County

Sacramento, Calif., (September 15, 2017) – A quarantine has been declared due to a Mediterranean fruit fly (Medfly) infestation detected in the Sun Valley neighborhood in northern Los Angeles County.  Two adult males, nine females, and 55 larvae have been detected. The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), the Los Angeles County Agricultural Commissioner, and the California Department of Food and …

2017 California Processing Tomato Report

Sacramento, Calif., (September 6, 2017) – Contracted production for California processing tomatoes is forecast at 11.5 million tons, averaging 50.0 tons per acre. The current forecasted production is 8 percent below the 2016 crop, and 2.5 percent below the May forecast. Spring rains brought relief from the drought but delayed planting. Harvest began in early July in the southern growing …

$4.5 Million Grant Funds New Disease-Resistant Strawberries

Davis, Calif., (August 30, 2017) – The Public Strawberry Breeding Program at the University of California, Davis, and colleagues in California and Florida have received a $4.5 million grant from the National Institute of Food and Agriculture of the U.S. Department of Agriculture to improve the disease resistance and sustainable production of strawberries throughout the nation. The collaborative grant is good news …

When Farm Labor gets too Tight, Consider H2A Guestworker Program

When Farm Labor gets too Tight, Consider H2A Guestworker Program

As labor grows tighter, growers are mechanizing their operations as much as possible; however, the need for a solid seasonal labor force is not going away anytime soon. Although not an easy one to utilize, the H2A Ag guestworker program is what more and more growers and farm labor contractors are using to meet their labor needs. Watch this brief …

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