CA Compliance Bucket Inventory Checklist for Growers

CA Compliance Bucket Inventory Checklist for Growers

With ongoing changes in California pesticide laws and regulations, growers should be prepared with the right tools and resources, especially if County Ag inspector pays you a surprise farm visit.  That is why Amanda Zito and Alya Wakeman-Hill from the Fresno County Department of Agriculture provided growers with a bucket inventory checklist regarding pesticide applications at a Sun-Maid Growers meeting in Selma this morning.

Here is what is required:

-Emergency Medical Care Posting (Outside)


-3+ Gallons of Water

-Single-use Towels

-Clean Coveralls

-Chemical Resistant Gloves

-Eye Protection

-Labels for Chemicals being Applied

Highly Recommended:


-Extra N95 Respirators

-Chemical Resistant Apron

Remember, it is always better to be safe than sorry!

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