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Tulare County Reports on Current Crop Status

Tulare County Crop Status

Visalia, Calif., (December 29, 2017) – Tulare County Agricultural Commissioner released the current status today of Major crops in the most valued county in the California Ag portfolio. They report that Seed is being shipped in and planted to winter forage crops such as wheat, barley, other cereal grains and forage mixes. Irrigation has been necessary to maintain growth. Last …

Local Ag Retailer To Deliver A Major Gift To Community Food Bank

Reedley, Calif., (December 29, 2017) – Gar Tootelian, Inc. (GAR) is spreading the Christmas cheer in a major way this holiday season. GAR will present a $286,495.50 check to Community Food Bank as the beneficiary of this year’s Feeding Families Fund Drive. The event will take place on Wednesday, December 27, 2017 at 9:00am at the Butler Pentecostal Church of God …

Tests Show Low or No Pesticide Levels in Most Fruits and Vegetables in California

Sacramento, Calif., (December 29, 2017) – Tests on produce collected by the California Department of Pesticide Regulation (DPR) indicate that the vast majority of fruits and vegetables available for sale in California meet stringent pesticide safety standards. During its 2016 survey, DPR found 96 percent of tested California-grown produce had little or no pesticide residues. The findings are included in …

Chowchilla Water District and Fresno Irrigation District Rejoin Friant Water Authority

Lindsay, Calif., (December 28, 2017) – During their December meetings the Board of Directors of the Chowchilla Water District (CWD) and Fresno Irrigation Districts (FID) voted unanimously to become full General Members of the Friant Water Authority (FWA). It is expected that the FWA Board will approve the requests during its first meeting in 2018. The actions of the two …

California State Fair Seeks Nominees for the 2018 Agriculturalist of the Year Award

Sacramento, Calif., (December 28, 2017) – Since 1854, the California State Fair has showcased the progress and advancement of the State’s agricultural industry. In celebration of those individuals who have substantially contributed to that success, the California State Fair is seeking nominations for the 2018 Agriculturalist of the Year. The Agriculturalist of the Year award is presented to an individual who …

Kings County Farm Bureau Makes Donation To The Kings Fair

Hanford, Calif., (December 28, 2017) – Christmas is coming early to the Kings Fair this year. Thanks to a generous donation from Kings County Farm Bureau and the June Dairy Month Committee, a new commercial freezer is being delivered to the Hanford fairgrounds tomorrow. Since state fair funding was eliminated during the recession, forcing fairs to become financially self-sufficient, local …

Almond and Walnut Pest Management Guidelines Revised Just in Time for the Holidays

Davis, Calif., (December 27, 2017) – ‘Tis the season for baking lots of tasty treats. Breads, cookies, cakes, and candy are just a few that come to mind. What makes many of these treats so tasty is the addition of almonds or walnuts to the list of ingredients. In California, we are lucky to be at the center of almond …

USDA California Crop/Weather Report

USDA Crop/Weather Report

Sacramento, Calif., (December 27, 2017) – The start of last week brought below normal temperatures as a system moved across the state. The northern coast received light precipitation in the form of rain and snow. In northeastern California, valley rain and mountain snow impacted the area. Precipitation was sparse in other areas due to the fast-moving front. By mid-week, a …

Annual Food Drive Demonstrates Spirit of Giving

Sacramento, Calif., (December 27, 2017) – The annual California State Employees Food Drive, chaired by CDFA, is showing strong momentum as it aims for a goal of 800,000 pounds of food for needy Californians. CDFA employees are demonstrating the Department’s commitment this season through a series of events. Each year CDFA joins other agencies in placing barrels in common office spaces …

Almond Board of California Announces 2018 Election

Modesto, Calif., (December 26, 2017) – Almond Board of California (ABC) announced January 20, 2018 as the deadline for filing nomination petitions for two independent grower member positions and two independent grower alternate positions on the ABC Board of Directors. To be considered for the position, each candidate must be a grower and must submit a petition signed by at …

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