CDFA bids a fond farewell to Merry Wells after 37 years of service

Sacramento, Calif., (November 2, 2017) – Halloween was an ideal occasion for the California Department of Food and Agriculture to celebrate Merry Wells’ 37 years of public service. Family, friends and coworkers in costume laughed along with her as she recounted her years “growing up with CDFA.” Secretary Karen Ross presented a proclamation thanking her for her work as well as her friendship.

CDFA Secretary Karen Ross bids a costumed Merry Wells a happy Halloween and a rewarding retirement. There is a thought balloon on the upper left that is part of Merry’s costume and reads, “Oh snap! It’s my last day!!”

Merry’s service took her to five CDFA divisions. She began her public service in 1980 at the age of 17, in the era of shorthand and carbon copies, and she never missed a beat between that and the internet.

Besides her professional accomplishments and capabilities, Merry has a talent for the theatrical – throughout her career she has raised her hand and volunteered time after time to plan special events and take care of the details. Her inimitable character, her creative flair and her wonderful sense of humor will be missed.

Colleagues signed farewell messages to the retiring Merry Wells.

She spoke fondly of mentors and managers who helped her along the way, and she called CDFA and the agricultural community her extended family. Her colleagues, in turn, wished her a happy Halloween and a long and rewarding retirement.

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