2016 USDA Preliminary Grape Crush Report


Information contained in this Report was supplied by processors to fulfill the reporting requirements of Section 55601.5 of the Food and Agricultural Code.

The Preliminary Grape Crush Report includes all grape tonnage crushed during the 2016 season. It also includes purchased tonnage and pricing information for grapes with final prices prior to January 10, 2017. The Final Grape Crush Report, to be published on March 10, will contain any late reports or corrections to the preliminary report. Please notify us of any corrections for the Final Grape Crush Report by February 22, 2017.

Details of the crushed tonnage, degrees Brix, and weighted average prices were reported by grape type and variety, as well as by grape pricing districts. The 17 districts refer to the area in which the grapes were grown as defined in the Administrative Code. A district map is located on the inside of the front cover.

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